Saturday 25 July 2015

The Best Way to Experience the Stadium Club - Part 1

1. Watch breaks of the set and look at posts showing the cards from the set
2. Note the really great cards
3. Buy them from sportlots or
4. Show them off!

No need for some silly "???? Profit!" joke at the end, as the only ones making any profit are the ones selling to me.

I opted for 20 cards. 10 current players. 10 retired players. A perfect mix!
That is not a face that you want to see when you're walking down a dark alley. Or a well lit main street. Either way, I would not want to be the opposing player that he's staring down.
Play at the plate!

Interestingly, both of these were the gold parallels, although I requested the base versions. Since I'm not building the set, I have no complaints about these being the parallel.
I love celebration photos on cards, no matter what the sport.
If you saw his Gypsy Queen Glove Stories card, (as well his base from flagship) this is a continuation of the same play on that card. Will there be more?
Now that is one of the more acrobatic turning two cards out there.
Extreme Close Up!
Photos so clear, you can practically count every drop of water in the photo.
A beautiful look at the dugout steps up to the field at the stadium in Washington. There are not a whole lot of cards out there that show this perspective on the field.
Good advice, C.J.! Another celebratory shot ends this alphabetical run though the current player content of the envelope.

Tomorrow, the photo choices get even better with the retired player content.

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  1. Great plan for a great product. I followed your first two steps... but instead of shopping on Sportlots, I purchased a complete set on eBay.