Thursday 9 July 2015

It happened on 2/14

Perhaps mission creep is taking place, but in my never-ending quest to find new things for the 2-14 binder, I opted to add this card:
Sam Vincent was not born on February 14. He was a May 6th baby. But, the photo on this card was snapped on February 14, 1990. There is no doubt in that.

How can I be so certain?

Look right above the black circle. At the player wearing #12.

Yup. That's Michael Jordan.

Prior to the 2/14/90 game in Orlando, someone stole his jersey from the locker room. They couldn't find a replacement, so Jordan was forced to wear the only thing available. #12, and with no name on the back.

And a Hoops photographer just happened to get a photo of Sam Vincent with #12 in the foreground.

There is at least one more #12 Jordan card out there, card #8 in the 1997 Upper Deck Jordan tribute.

Also, happening on 2/14
In 1912, Arizona was granted statedhood.
And in 1859, so was Oregon.

Does make the entire states themselves 2/14 babies?

Either way, 3 new cards for the binders!


  1. I was not aware of the Michael Jordan jersey snatching incident - and I live in Chicago! Interesting bit of history from a otherwise normal card.

  2. How in the hell did you ever manage to find that basketball card? Amazing bit of research there my friend!