Wednesday 29 July 2015

Four If By Sportlots

As I said the first time I did this: "Because four is the exact number of cards you can buy before the shipping cost from US buyers goes through the roof.". Usually, that means there is one card I really want, and then I add in 3 more I kinda want.


And this was the one I really wanted. It is one of the inserts from this year's Pro Debut. Despite the fact I like bigger dogs, I really couldn't pass on a card that featured what might have been the most adorable alternate uniform of 2014.
And here's the back with the story of the jersey.

After that beauty, the other 3 card are incidental to this envelope, but here they are:
A set builder card.
And a pair of 2/14 babies.

3 nice cards for various sets/collections, but they're not even close to the greatness of that Chihuahuas jersey.


  1. That jersey is the best one I've seen on cardboard this year. Very nice!

  2. That jersey is just plain awesome.

  3. The Promo Night jerseys are a GREAT idea for an insert set. Kudos, Topps.