Wednesday 1 July 2015

Canada Day Cards (from Too Many Manninghams)

Time to finally wrap up the envelope from TMM with a trio of cards on their way into my Canadians in MLB collection.
This is actually my second dual baseball relic from Canadiana, joining a Puhl/Ferguson Jenkins dual relic. The first one might be the centerpiece of the collection, but this one is also a contender. Both of the Puhls feature bright orange swatches, which is really the colour you want to see when you get a one-colour Astros relic from the 80s.
I don't know if this was intended for my Blue Jays collection or for my CanCon collection. Either way, I've opted for the latter, even though neither collection has too many cards of his.
And finally, my first Team Canada autograph for this collection. This joins a  relic of Nicholas Weglarz as my only two hits that feature a maple leaf jersey, at least baseball-wise.

And that's 4 posts of goodies out of one envelope. Hope my stateside readers can put up a nice star-spangled post on the weekend!