Friday 17 July 2015

New 2/14 Football From Various Sources

Whether from COMC, Too Many Manninghams or the LCS, these are the newest entries to the football portion of my 2/14 collection.
First up, one of two additions to hit portion of the collection. And when I want to add an autograph of former Buffalo Bill Lonnie Johnson to my collection, I have the choice of this. And nothing else. But it is limited to 7750.
There are more options available when it comes to David Garrard. These two were part of a recent envelope from TMM. He sure isn't afraid to use available space for his auto. The second card is a gold parallel /50. It has a small crease on it, but I don't really care about that.
Time to return to the portion of the post with Buffalo ties. And it is time for Jim Kelly to strengthen his overall lead in the football portion with this hologram. I think this is my only hologram card among the 1000+ cards in the collection.
Two 2/14 guys on the same card? Sounds like a sure thing for my collection? Sure, this was supposed to be a card highlighting division rivals. I know better. Or at least I can imagine better.

This is the third card in my collection that features a pair of 2/14 people. I have a pair of multi relics that include Marian Gaborik and Milan Hejduk. I also have a card that has Jeff Dellenbach snapping the ball to Bledsoe, but that is just a coincidence that the latter is on a card featuring the former.

But it is nice to add 1 to the count in 2 rows on the spreadsheet with one card.
Here's a more standard Bledsoe. I think this is my first Cougars card of his.
The Hefty Lefty!
A #1 draft pick, the second of the post.
And the third #1 draft pick of the post, and the big winner in this in terms of volume. The Crown Royale was another TMM card, and the Rookies & Stars is from the LCS. These put my total Clowneys at 15, which moves him into 6th place.

And there you have it.

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