Monday 31 January 2022

My First Soccer Purchase (that wasn't a 2/14 guy)


I threw this into my COMC inventory while watching one of Canada's World Cup qualifiers. Namely, the match against Mexico where he scored 2 goals to tie Canada's all-time scoring record for the national team. 

With his goal against the US yesterday, he moved into first place by himself. That's a perfect time to show off his card!
Might as well show off the back as well!

In other all-time scoring notes, I showed some Scottie Barnes content yesterday, and in the 3OT victory over Miami on Saturday, he scored the 13,000,000th point in NBA history.


And there you have it!


  1. Interesting design. Reminds me of Topps Fire. It'd be cool to see both Canada and USA qualify for the World Cup.

  2. "Golazo" brings back memories of when Italian football became a big thing on TV in the early 90s. (In Britain)