Thursday 27 January 2022

2022 Adventures in Repacks Part 3 - Back to the Box

 When I posted a picture of this repack box upon its arrival one of the items, and part of its contents, was pretty visible - namely the 'hat trick' pack which contained a trio of hits.

That's a perfect excuse to do this one today, with a simple three card post. 

Here's the visible autographed card, even though I don't think they're guaranteed as one of the hits. And this one is a pretty solid one. He might not be a superstar, but he's definitely having himself a very solid NHL career. I can connect him to my 2/14 collection as well, as a goal by 2/14 baby Nikolaj Ehlers resulted in Stastny's 500th career assist. 
The first of the relics, and it comes from one of my favourite recent insert sets. That's entirely because of all the flashbacks to 1993 Leaf the design provides. If you owe me cards, you can't go wrong by sending me cards from this subset, even if they aren't PC additions. 

Am I stupid enough to try to finish the 100 card set? 

Probably. Looks like I have 89/100 more to go!
Since the back also has a different theme than usual, with the write-up being about the city as opposed to the player, I'll highlight that too.
Poor Nick Leddy with his basic UD Game Jersey card. 

He had no chance.

And there you have it!


  1. I do like the city trivia angle. Who gets relic cards for the player's stats anyway?

  2. Wish I hadn't seen that Lecavalier relic card, because it's so cool I had to check if Panini added any Sharks to the checklist. The good news is they did. Joe Thornton has a card. The bad news is I recently drained my COMC balance and requested shipment on my inventory in hopes of taking a break from COMC. But I didn't want this card to slip my memory, so I added more funds and bought it.