Monday 10 January 2022

2022 Adventures in Repacks Part 2.1 - A Week of Surprises

 I'm finally through all the repacks I had prior to a trade that included repacks arrived.  Now, I can dig into those! And for this and the following 3 posts, I'm covering some of the Surprise Bags that were in there.

Baseball is first! 

Here's the content of this one. Do you see those sleeves in the upper corner. There were 8 Surprise Bags in the trade box. Of those, 6 of them  had the 100 sleeves as part of the contents. Which means if you get a mailer from me - expect every card sleeved. 
For those horrible at counting, there were 14 cards in the 12 card pack. That's a really nice Glavine photo, perfectly using the horizontal medium. Aaron Sele brings the questionable licensing mojo. Tristan Pompey is the Canadian content in here, as he continues to work his way up the minor leagues. Brian Anderson's card photo is so boring, it might as well be a manager's card. A bunt card like Wilson's is a perfectly fine finale.
Like with the hockey packs, the 70s/80s pack contains only the latter, but at least there were a couple that were not 1989s. Al Bumbry looks pretty stylin' with his warm-up jacket.
The hit would actually be a pretty cool card for a Royals collector, even if black isn't really a colour I'd associate with the club. It is the Teahen content that's the most interesting to me, since he's represented Canada at a World Baseball Classic, which totally counts this card towards the CanCon mini-collection.
That Draft Picks card featuring Josh Hamilton would have been a pretty nice pull back when he was a big deal, and now it is repack content. His cardmate never reached the bigs, the only one in this grouping never to do so.

And there you have it!


  1. The memorabilia card isn't bad at all!

  2. The Greinke swatch wins it, even though he's sharing.

    I also like the bunting Wilson.

  3. That's a very cool relic card. The Royals did wear a BFBS (black for black's sake) alternate uniform during Grienke's early years, so even though it looks odd, it's appropriate.

  4. Nice pull on the jersey card! That UD Glavine would've been a lot cooler if it was zoomed out a bit - can't understand why modern companies are so against full-body photos!

  5. Looks like a Royals hot pack, something I'd be very happy with. Even a couple Royals on other teams like Willie Wilson. Looks like a pretty good repack.