Saturday 29 January 2022

Mailbag! Cards on Cards!

Today, the mailbag highlights a number of PWEs from Kerry @ Cards on Cards.
Lots and lots of Raptors among those envelopes adding lots of nice cards into the team binder - but the contest over whch was the greatest photo in the group. This Morris Peterson combines a great photo with an angle you don't always see on cards. 
But there were also some alternate uniforms, including this one which made occasional appearances in whichever home game was on or before Remembrance Day.
Here's a little more familiar throwback.
Elite releases didn't only provide me with alternate uniforms, it also provided the only numbered card in the envelopes. Sure, Bargnani really didn't become what you'd expect from a first rounder, but his trade would result in Jakob Poeltl, who ended up being part of the Kawhi trade, which resulted in the championship. Meaning that Masai Ujiri is a wizard. 
And here was the only horizontal card.
A sampling of the rest of the raptors cards includes cards to vary from the matte finish from Court Kings to the shininess of Revolution.
And there was baseball as well!

There you have it!

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  1. The Kyle Lowry wins it. The one with the orange square behind him.