Saturday 1 January 2022

2022 Adventures in Repacks Part 1 - The Debut for 2022

 Starting off the year with a basketball Surprise Bag with these contents:

What will be the most worthy of toploading? 

The 12-card pack starts with a collegiate entry. Brown bounced around for a few seasons with 4 teams. Olynyk can join my CanCon collection with his traded entry. There's current-Raptor (Technically, I guess) Dragic. A pair of Antoine Carr appearances make it a hot pack for him, and we end with a  pair of alternate jerseys, both from the featured player and his opponent.

Some shininess in here, but pretty a pretty generic grouping.

The 3-card grouping becomes 4, but it is kinda appropriate, as Kemp's 15000 pt club membership comes via just a few hundred. Typical mid 90s Fleer look for that card. The Robinson cameo on his card makes a really nice action photo even better. 

The 2000s pack is a little more interesting than its next decade version. The logos on the Ovation cards are slightly embossed for the feel from the Action Packed card. I am not sure why Wallace's teammate is blurry. I know a lot of people, myself included, complain about re-used photos on cards. But Cory Hightower might be one person that wouldn't have a problem with the same photo on the front being used on the back. 



That's enough to make this card the most worthy of a toploader.

There you have it!


  1. Wallace wins it.

    Honorable mentions for Robinson vs Robinson and Chambers vs Mullin.

    Kemp had several really good action shots on his cards, so this is kind of a let-down.