Friday 21 January 2022

Mailbag: Night Owl

 I guess I should get caught up on the mailers that have shown up lately. I'll go in order, and this mailer from Night Owl that showed up several weeks back.

David Wright is always a solid choice when it comes time to lead off a trade post, and it is an easy decision with these faux-propaganda posters out of 2009 Update. I really need to pair this with the Roy Halladay from the same insert set for PC perfection.
It was 2021 Select that won the battle in this envelope in terms of volume, with these 4 base cards and parallels showing up. For those playing along at home and wondering what type of parallel that Lindor is, it is a Cosmic parallel. It took looking through all the Select cards available at COMC to learn that, and there weren't too many of those there. I was almost to the point where I was willing to submit the card to COMC, let them categorize it, and then have it sent back so I could categorize it. Cosmic.
There was an insert as well. Thankfully, this one is just a simple Holo prizm.
And a whole bunch more Mets! Although mainly DeGrom. I've busted so little Ginter over the past few years, I thought that DeGrom in the middle was from this year's release, and not a 2019 release. 
And a couple Jays cards to wrap it up. 

Thanks for all these goodies, especially the shiny Mets! I'll see what I have to hit you back shortly!


  1. Panini really makes it difficult with all their weirdly named parallels.

  2. I got a package from Greg in the mail yesterday - always puts together a fun assortment! Really love those Propaganda Poster inserts. Wouldn't mind Topps dusting off that design again.

  3. I had never seen the poster cards before. They look really, really, good!