Sunday 16 January 2022

There's Always Room for Chronicles


No matter which sport! I still have two hobby boxes of baseball to work my way through, but I've never been that level of organized. 

Lebron definitely counts as a solid start to the hanger box.
That's a lot of base cards in the opening group of this. Which, given that this is Chronicles, is the only product where a lot of the base design appearing seems odd. To be honest, 10 cards in with only 3 designs appearing seems odd.
A little more variety here with 4 different looks. I'll always be a fan of the full-bleed designs used by Luminance, and here the Toppin and Haliburton are enhanced by an appearance of the cardboard fans. I also am slightly amused by a player named Josh Green wearing a green alternate jersey.
Here's the promised Classics cards. A solid old-school design, but I'm not here for that.
Factoid on the back!
And here's the green parallels. Aleksej is definitely the least flattering facial expression in this post.
With the complete lack of 2020-21 product that I've busted, aside from grabbing the Raptors in group breaks, this is my first LaMelo card, although the same can be said for any rookie this season who doesn't play for the locals. 
Some shiny foil.
And one last green parallel to end it. Even though he was one-and-done in Toronto, that Championship season still makes it a lot of fun to pull Kawhi cards.

There you have it!

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  1. A couple Zions, a LeBron, a James Harden, and a Giannis. Good stuff.