Tuesday 25 January 2022

Four If By Sportlots

 Since this shipper's cost for shipping to Canada got expensive after 4 cards, this was a nice price for adding a few lesser wants to my collection.

Back-to-back posts with Kitchener guys as I lead with a Kraut Line guy this time. In fact, Woody was born back in 1916, when Kitchener was known as Berlin, prior to that name becoming problematic during the first World War. And it might be changing again since Lord Kitchener is also kinda (very) problematic as well. Concentration camps and all that.
Here's another birthplace themed entry. Deveaux was the first, and remains the only player in the born in the Bahamas to reach the NHL. I love oddness such as that.
Tom Barrasso spent a  grand total of 6 games with the Blues as his career out of 777, one of a series of brief single-digit stops as his career ended, along with 7 in Ottawa and 4 in Toronto. It isn't a mini-collection of mine, aside from his mask art, but I have at least one card for each of those stops at this point. 
And although this is a junk wax era addition, I just couldn't resist adding this as the 4th card finale. Just a crazy photo where he might be celebrating a goal, or merely trying to avoid smacking Robb Stauber in the head. 

There you have it!

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