Sunday 23 January 2022

Another 2021 Chronicles Box Break - Packs 4 through 6

 While I got three of the 4 hits out of the way in the first post, there's still one left to be found, alongside some numbered parallels.

Pack 4:

Some Toronto content is a perfect start to this grouping. In some collation strangeness, I landed the Holo Prizm parallel in a group break, but this was  the box that got me the regular version of this card.
And here's numbered parallel #1. Even if his hype has died down a little bit from his debut, it is still a solid player to land a card of. It really, really doesn't scan like it, but this is a purple parallel.
And the rest. At least I've landed a couple of cards to fill out future mailers to the team collectors on my trade list.

Pack 5:
Sure, that Mountcastle was a nice low-numbered card, but  this one is even nicer. Marquee player, and  numbered to a mere /25 copies. For those looking for specifics, this is the Blue Ice parallel out of Phoenix, and might be the big $$$$ card of the box, for those into such things, even considering the Martinez auto /10.
And the rest of the pack. Gold Standard is still my favourite design used this year in Chronicles, and it looks really nice when set against the Pittsburgh uniform colours.

Pack 6:
Here's your final hit. Singer has been all over 2021 releases with autographs, so I'm not really surprised to see one pop out of this final pack. 
And the remainder. That's certainly a different way to reduce the need for photoshopping the jersey logo on the Kiriloff. But other than that, nothing too interesting to me in this finale.

With the Trout and the Martinez, this was certainly a very solid box. I still have one more to get to - maybe next weekend?


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