Tuesday 18 January 2022

Fantastic Flops

 I've joked to myself about adding one of this guy's autographs to my collection for a while. He was just the type of guy I'd find super interesting as a collector. All the hype in the world, only to flame out spectacularly.

JaMarcus Russell! Welcome to my collection! If you're going to crash and burn out of the league, you might as well do it for the ages. With the blank DVD story, it just put it over the top. I had to get an autograph of his to go with it. Throw in a swatch (although silver or black would have been even better) and you've got a great card. I like that he also added the number symbol to his number, a flashback to when it was not associated with hashtags.

And everybody could use a coach, why not one of the more lamentable ones in recent memory to keep Russell company in the binders?

There you have it!


  1. Those are great cards to pick up!

  2. Oh man... Russell still pops up on local sports radio discussions when it comes to the biggest busts in Bay Area sports history. Ten years ago, I added him to my Sports Bust PC.


    Your autograph is 10x nicer.