Thursday, 6 January 2022

A Pair of Platinums


I was far more likely to wait until they hit e-packs, and grab some of my PC cards on COMC for cheap. But the urge to bust some wax was greater.

And it worked out quite nicely - first card out of the first pack was the only 2/14 baby in the base set. The perfect way to start!
A pair of rookies, both in insert and base card form. 
And some shininess as well! This a Blue Surge parallel, which are Walmart Exclusives. They look pretty nice here, and it is even nicer because the blue goes with the team colours. 
Two more base cards, and one of the retro parallels. They sorta match the regular design of the retros out of regular OPC, but just add the RC logo instead of the Marquee Rookies design. 

And yes, I know I need to clean my scanner glass.
And it isn't the base card this time that hits the ol' PC, but this time it is a shiny parallel bound for the PC binders, with this nice new John Gibson bound for my Kitchener Rangers alum binder. 

Any time two packs result in two PC cards, that's a solid break! There you have it!

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