Tuesday 1 December 2020

Chronicling A's

 I'm still in California for post #2.

And I'll start off with an interesting bit of collation from this portion. I just got one of the base versions of the Mosaic inserts.

But I got entire 4 card team set out of the silver parallel set. These 4 players also comprised the entirety of Oakland's representation in the break.

With a photo like this, do you really notice that there's no logo visible? 

Sometimes, all you need to make a bland white design something a little more interesting is a slight splash of the team colours.

One more appearance for Lazardo in this post. This isn't just a purple parallel, but is a purple mojo parallel.

I started yesterday by ending the post with an on-card autograph, so why not a second time? This is a red parallel with an Origins design. This was a totally original concept from Panini, and not a ripoff on Inception! Why would you think that? Anyhow, it seems so perfect that the baseball in the photo is placed almost entirely within the 'O' in the subset name. That couldn't have worked out nicer!

And there you have it! I'll be heading east tomorrow with some White Sox.


  1. Figures that the hockey fan in the baseball break gets a Puk!

  2. Every time I see a Jesus Luzardo card, I think of the Jesus Lizard!

  3. With all of that red and green... that Puk card should have been saved for your Christmas post.