Sunday 27 December 2020

Boxing Day Boxes - Part 2


I'm definitely stepping up to a higher rent district with this box.

The base cards in Volume 2 are, except for the slightly darker border, exactly like the ones in Volume 1. Only this is expanded to include current ones.
Usually in the breaks, the second card is the big one in the box, and it certainly was this time. If you can't pull a beautiful keeper card for yourself, you might as well pull one for a regular trade partner, and this one will be very much appreciated when I get my next mailer together to head to Ann Arbor. There is a lot going for this card - on-card with a gold pen, a three-colour patch, and a red frame really make this card a winner. This is a Group B auto, which fall 1 in every 62 packs/boxes, much like the Gaborik I landed for my PC not that long ago
Sorry, Brooks. You can't follow that up. I guess this counts as retired player content as he hung up his skates before the 19-20 season, but he couldn't have been included in the 18-19 release as he wasn't retired by then and the more I try to plot this out the more my head hurts.
Last up is a Time Capsules card, aka a rip card. There's a mini hiding in the back of these.
Fortunately, these open quite easy. What came out of this one?
Hey, another autograph! This was an update card from last year's release, and is numbered to only 15 copies. 

With a former Jet, an old-school Jet, and the son of a former old-school Jet, there was definitely a Winnipeg feel to this box. 

One more card to show off though, and this is as appropriate a place as any...
to show off another card that is certainly bound for including in the penmanship collection. The only way this could be better is if the down-stroke on the 't' continued to form the '1' in his number.

There you have it! 


  1. Sweet Steen mini! I've been tempted by Chronology before, but the price tag scares me off. If you come across any Whalers please keep me in mind.

  2. Cool Whitney. I wish Upper Deck would have him sign a Sharks card for old times' sake.