Wednesday 30 December 2020

2020 Adventures in Repacks: Part 41 - Dollarama Duals

I wanted this as my final repack post of 2020. I'm wrapping it up with a "two of each" recap of Dollarama hockey card products. 2 15-card hangers, 2 Surprise Bags, and 2 Premium Packs. 

Up first, the hangers.

2017 MVP - Sergei Bobrovsky (Puzzle back) - The visible card was a parallel. Not a super rare one, but a parallel nonetheless.
2010 UD - Stephen Weiss
1990 Bowman - John Chabot
1996 UD - Jozef Stumpel
1994 Pinnacle - David Shaw - A Kitchener Rangers alum, in fact one of the many NHLers on their '82 Memorial Cup winning team.
2007 UD McDonald's - Shane Doan
2005 ITG Franchises - Ching Johnson - My first Brooklyn Americans card!
1999 Pacific - Vladimir Malakhov
1996 Topps - Clayton Beddoes - I'd never heard of him prior to finding this card. I kinda like that oddness from repacks.
1991 OPC - Rick Meagher
1997 Score Team Collection - Frederik Modin - The silver logo wasn't familiar to me - this is from a team set.
1994 Score - Ulf Samuelsson
1991 UD - Dmitri Filimonov
1991 Classic - Martin Lapointe
2016 UD - Jason Spezza - Spezza is always a solid way to end a repack.
2019 Allure - Dante Fabbro - We start #2 off with a rookie from a recent release.
2019 UD - Viktor Arvidsson
2017 UD - Nate Schmidt - Celebratory cards are a theme in this repack.
1990 Pro Set - Stan Mikita
1990 Bowman - Geoff Courtnall
1991 Young Superstars - Yves Racine
1991 Pro Set - Patrick Flatley
2005 ITG Franchises - Clark Gillies - Franchises cards are often my highlights of these repacks, as there seems to be one in each.
2001 Prizm McDonald's - Marian Hossa - Sens content!
1990 UD - Jeff Bloemberg
2019 UD - Anthony Cirelli - See what I said about celebratory photos?
1995 Donruss - Keith Tkachuk
1991 Stad. Club - Pierre Turgeon
1994 Classic - Chris Wells
2010 Pinnacle - Evgeni Malkin - A solid photo selection wraps this one.

A solid start to the repack fest. Off to the Surprise Bags.
The contents of #1.
As usual, the 70s/80s pack is all 80s, but any sort of random Whalers or Nordiques experience always elevates these. And there's one!
Not just 1, but 2 members of the 1000pt club in this pack. Seeing Theo Fleury's plummet into conspiracy theory madness on his social media feed is depressing.
Random Nordiques content and Super Mario in the Pro Set pack. Loading up for my next mailer to Night Owl!
Erik Karlsson, and a colourful Calder design highlight the misc. card pack.
What's in #2?
We got a Gretzky here! Surely the discerning Tampa hockey fans of the early 90s won't look too close! 
This time, only 1 member of the 1000-pt club in this pack. But that patriotic Glen Murray card isn't bad!
The 2010s pack generally contain 3 UD base cards. Instead, there's a promotional card replacing one of them.
And the Heroes and Prospects pack. All prospects here, but 4 of the 5 would see the NHL. Sorry, Luke. Vasyunov would be of the victims of the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl plane crash.
Finally, the Premium Packs. I was planning to make these a Duelling Tavares single post, but I figured I might as well get all of these out of the way with one post.
I definitely can't complain about the cards in the first one, even with those Connor McDavid cards showing up everywhere in repacks. The Great One, and that HoloGrFX was also pretty nice.
A Young Guns card wasn't really expected in this, and Domingue is still around - signing with the Flames. Another rookie card of a player with a good career, a shiny Sakic and that Taylor Hall insert make both of these really good packs filled with keepers.

In all of these, my fave non-PC cards were the Gretzkys, Ching Johnson, Glen Murray, Joel Quenneville, Alexander Vasyunov and the Taylor Hall. Better than a hobby pack or two for the same price.

There you have it for this post, and 2020. New repack adventures await in 2021!


  1. Looking forward to more adventures in 2021!

  2. Lots of neat stuff in these repacks. Happy New Year!