Saturday 2 September 2017

I'll Bust Any Dollar Store Packs

I was in a non-Dollarama dollar store a couple days back, and saw some packs of these:
Honus Bonus Fantasy Baseball.

I just assumed there would be 8 repacked junk wax era cards (sorry, game cards) with a 1:1000000 chance at a reprint of a Honus Wagner card.
First card out. Guess I was wrong. These are original cards, obviously unlicensed. I'd probably have gone for a black and white background with the player in colour, but I guess this leaves less to photoshop away.
The back shows the game element. I can't be arsed to scratch the back, let alone submit them to a site.
The rest of them. The Davis is a silver parallel, of which no odds are stated anywhere on the pack as to their rate. The colours look to change throughout the set, I'm assuming based on numbering, since I landed Philadelphia cards in both red and green.

On the upside, I did land a couple PC cards with a new 2/14 Derek Norris and a new CanCon Joey Votto.
And I do like that the back does distinguish between the Chicago teams on the back of the cards. I wish Panini would do that, especially with their prospect themed releases.

Ending on a positive about these cards, but this is still an easy one-and-done.


  1. I found a bunch of these at a card show a couple months ago and wasn't too impressed at first, but they've grown on me a bit since. These are definitely oddballs, and you just don't see too many oddballs on the market these days.

  2. I was curious what they looked like, now I know. Wonder what pc items they have for me

  3. Those are random. 'North' wouldn't help me identify which Chicago team he is from.

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  5. My wholesaler has barely any 2017 baseball in stock... but he has stacks of this stuff. My guess is we'll be seeing this stuff in repacks for years to come.

  6. Guess my World Series Cubs (sorry, Chicago North) collection isn't complete without that Lester. Oh, well.