Wednesday, 13 September 2017

A new 2/14 face!

I'm not going to have 4 straight posts dedicated to NSCC breaks and the silver packs, and a new 2/14 binder member is as good a reason as any to take a day off.
Making an appearance in the Marquee Rookie portion of this year's OPC release, we have John Hayden. He debuted late last year, and is a part of the carry-over rookie class in the early releases. At least I have one chase player for 2017 releases. Two if Ryan Johnston finally gets a card.
That Retro parallel though. DERP!


  1. I'm a Blackhawks fan, but I guess not a good-enough one...I don't even know this guy. What I can say is that those retros would look awesome autographed!

  2. Yikes on the retro! I finally shipped you off a couple cards today, $9.50 USD to ship two singles in a tiny bubble mailer, ouch...