Wednesday, 27 September 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 26 - Mid-Week Repacks Again

It is time to show off another pair of Dollarama repacks, starting with the hanger pack.

2010 ITG H&P - Sergei Shirokov - As the Moose set to return (as the Jets AHL affiliate), I'll grab this one for the visible card of them pre-Jets.
1990 Bowman - Doug Bodger
1991 Parkhurst - Peter Bondra
1993 Score - Sergei Zubov
1991 Score - Todd Elik
1992 UD - Mike Richter
2004 H&P - Robbie Schremp - At least he ditched the -bie.

2004 H&P - Martin St-Pierre - Lots of Heroes & Prospects stuff in this. And I've got an additional card for my next OrlandoBolts mailing.
1990 Score - Rick Corriveau
1993 Premier - Adrien Plavsic
1991 OPC - Laurie Boschman
1992 Topps - Ray Whitney
1993 Score - Petr Nedved
1991 7IS - Troy Sweet
2011 UD - Steve Sullivan

The Heroes & Prospects stuff really was the only thing of note in this rather dull repack. Maybe the Surprise Bag can save it. Here are the contents:
I'll start with the Pro Set.
There are about 10 million of them out there, but a Jagr rookie is a fine way to start things off. Although I'm sure it is in the binders, I'll also welcome the Steven Rice card to that collection.
The Chara is obviously the promised Superstar, but back in the day it might have been LOD line member Renberg. That's my second Kiley Hill card I've pulled in a repack. I still think he looks 12 in that photo. And a nice look at the Rimouski Oceanic logo makes this an interesting foursome.
We have some more interesting cards in the 6 pack. There's a pair of mask binder cards to start things off. Jason Firth is a Kitchener Rangers alum, and yes, OHL cards from other teams count for the binder. He never played a game in the NHL, but still earned a wikipedia article. According to it, he's the 10th leading scorer in minor league history. Ending it is a legendary player from the distaff side.

A rough start, but a nice ending. And I'll have a nice card for that holder to show off next time.

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