Saturday, 9 September 2017

2017-18 OPC Hobby Box Break - Part 3 of 4

Pack 17:
There's the other black parallel in the box. Hossa looks about 60 years old in his photo.

Pack 18:
I guess the celebratory photo is going to be the theme this year again for the checklist cards.

Pack 19:
My first shiny rookie, as well as my first retro checklist. If they shade the checklists in the team colours throughout, I'll be happy.

Pack 20:
Are the Blackhawks retros going to be uber-creepy this season? Panik looks like he has to inform the neighbours when he moves into the neighbourhood. There's a marquee rookie to off-set that skeeviness.

Pack 21:
More mini content! The black foil are about 1:21 packs, so a slight bit of luck getting a second of these in the box. Those are what the retro parallels look like for the rookies.

Pack 22:
There are foil parallels for the playing cards as well this year. They're one per box.

Pack 23:
A pack so bland, I scanned a base card of a guy with Bland in his name.

Pack 24:
I like the all-star logo on the retro parallels. Another rookie and another mini to make up for the previous dull pack.

1 bunch of packs left, and there's a case hit in one of them!


  1. Are there 52 cards in the playing card insert set? If so... that'd be a very fun yet challenging set to build if they fall one per box.

    1. 52, but only the foil ones are one-per-box. The Aces for both the foil and regular are SPs, naturally.

    2. Thanks for the information. I wonder how many people will try to actually build the foil set.