Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Seeing Silver - Part 1 of 4

I got into some group breaks (all random teams), during the NSCC back in July. Those included some Panini silver packs from the National as well. I got into some basketball and football ones, and now seems as good a time as ever to show off the basketball stuff.

I got Sacramento in the randomizer for the Spectra break. A good spot, and they do have a large checklist in the product...
One case later, I've at least got an auto/relic I can send to Condition Sensitive.

But there were still a quartet of silver packs that went with it. Let's see what those bring my way.

Pack #1:
My first silver pack card is a Met...errrr...a New York guy. I'll take a Thor anytime. The Truex Jr. is a rainbow spokes parallel.

Pack #2:
With two card packs, I can't imagine that there were too many out there that had both of the cards being of women. The Danica is an Escher squares parallel. It is 10/25. Do NASCAR fans consider cards numbered to the number of the driver to be ebay 1/1s?

Pack 3:
Panini always uses quality soft towels with these sort of relics. I appreciate that.

Pack 4:
And I hit base cards from two of my favourite teams in the first 4 packs. That offsets the lack of Sacramento that I probably would have passed along to CS anyhow.

Fortunately, the football goodies were much better. I'll be getting to those over the next week or so.

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