Thursday, 21 September 2017

Nickel Box Chronicles - Part 4 - Miscellany

And the rest! Of course, other blogs might also be showing off cards from this in the future.
I'll start with a card from a set I had no idea existed until coming across a card from it in the nickel box. This was some sort of Quebec-excluxive set honouring Quebec-born players. Oddballs are always interesting ways to start posts.
Since these were nickel boxes, I felt little guilt about grabbing a bunch of Daniel Alfredsson cards. I needed one of the eight I grabbed. Oh well.
A really cool outdoor game card. I've already got the base card in the non-YG base set, so I might as well add this Stadium Series card to my misc. collection.
Random Perez Diamond King...Ice Masters card!
I've had this Portfolio base card on my wantlist for a bit - and couldn't even find it in the bins at the Expo. Turns out I just had to wait until the nickel bins at the local show.
Another (sub)set I'd had no clue about until seeing it in the bin - a nickel card that saluted the Fox broadcasts of the games. I don't think the more hardcore fans thought that it was a beautiful thing at the time.
Your official DERP-face card.
And a few cards to end it with one of my favourite design options - the team logo in the background.

And that ends the run through the nickel box. Back to the mailbag next time!


  1. No - the Fox puck was a STUPID idea.

  2. SERGEI KRIVOKRASOV! Loved that dude!