Wednesday, 6 September 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 25 - Mid-Week Repacks

Mid-week Dollarama repacks. Why not? The usual $1 hanger and $2 Surprise Bag, and starting with the former.
2015 UD - Michael Hutchinson - A great photo from flagship to start things up.
1990 Bowman - Rob Murray
1993 UD - Chris Gratton
1992 Parkhurst - Bob Beers - SPEAR! SPEAR!
1991 Pro set - Nelson Emerson
1993 Pinnacle -Viacheslav Fetisov
1991 UD - Jarko Varvio
2004 ITG Top Prospects Game - Mike Green - Nice to get a prospect card of a guy who is still around.
2007 Ice - Keith Tkachuk
1990 Score - Cam Neely - Even if junk wax, I love pulling Cam cards.
1993 Ultra - Rob Zamuner - Lightning hot pack! There's the 3rd Tampa card (Gratton).
1991 OPC - Sylvain Cote
1991 OPC - Bob Carpenter
1991 OPC - Wayne Gretzky - Can't complain about any Gretzky showing up, even if it as the last card of a trio from the same set.

1991 7IS - Neil Fewster - Thunder and Lightning in the same repack!
2012 OPC - Braydon Coburn

A couple fun cards here with the Beers, Hutchinson and the Gretzky. No complaints for this $1 outlay.

The Surprise Bag contents:
Goalies up first.
Interesting repack collation with a pair of guys named Kari. I'm far more interested in the new appearance of the Kill Bill themed Lehtonen. Jimmy's still rocking Blackhawks mask colours on the Sharks card.
And there's the back of the Leaf. Because I must.
2 1000pt guys in the same pack. Neat!
Most interesting card in the misc. pack was the Rucchin. A "now with Rangers" card updating his status without going to the classic OPC "now with" look. Maybe a photoshop job. Maybe not.
And the pakc of Victory. A Cogliano for the trade pile is nice, and I always like how the Sharks colours look on a card with the usual white back of UD.

And there you go. Nothing too spectacular, but enough to make this still a fun bust.

Time to start another set build tomorrow!

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  1. The two Jets goalie cards, Hutchinson and Pavelec, are aces. Also, 2012-13 O-Pee-Chee is one of my favorite recent sets. Looks like that was money well spent.