Saturday, 30 September 2017

Seeing Red

The product isn't even a month old, but I have busted enough packs, and saved enough wrappers so far to qualify for a wrapper redemption pack. They contain 5 red parallels of base cards from the set, and 1 red mini. Let's check it out!
Not a very spectacular design, but this isn't designed for display.
That's actually a pretty good pack for my PC additions. Boedker will go nicely into the hits/parallels portion of my Kitchener Rangers alumni binder. Still, the best is that Erik Karlsson. I saw a Sens logo on the card back when I opened the pack, and was elated that it was his card.  Beyond that, there's an alternate jersey and an anniversary patch. I guess that means Brock Nelson is the dullest of the batch.
And it is a local kid on the mini!

While there weren't any parallels of the major rookies in the pack, that Karlsson made hanging on to the packs more than worthwhile.

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