Sunday 3 September 2017

Bills! Bills! Bills!

Time to clean out the mailbag, with part 1 of an envelope from Night Owl that has been gathering dust for way too long. There's baseball stuff that will coming in a later post, but as the title shows, this is a Bills post.
Starting off, my fave photo of the bunch. It seems like a generic game photo, but check out the eyes! He's just looking the reception into his hands. Given that looks to be a perfect pass, and he's ready to catch it, I give this reception about a 60 percent chance of taking place. Because it is the Bills.
I had the glossy version and now I have the regular one. Early 00's rainbow!
From the mid 90's oddness collection, there's this Andre Reed out of Excalibut. While it seems normal here, you flip it over to learn that the card is actually of Sir Andre Reed.
When the embossed Action Packed card is by far the most normal of the two Andre Reed cards, that's an interesting mix.
Two Andre Reeds, now here's a second Antowain Smith. Shiny!
And to continue the theme of twos, here's two more Jim Kelly cards for the 2/14 collection. Jim now extends the lead for that binder to 6 over Steve McNair.
And what better way to end any post than vintage? And you have a bonus of a completely bad-ass looking buffalo staring you down.

Thanks for all these goodies! I'll get to the baseball stuff in a future post.


  1. That Jets dude totally batted that ball away. *sigh*

  2. I'm glad Andre Reed finally got into Canton a few years ago. He was a lot of fun to watch back in the late 80's and early/mid 90's.