Tuesday 19 September 2017

Nickel Box Chronicles - Part 2 - 2/14 newness

An insomnia special!

Not quite on the level of my masked post yesterday,  but still worthy of a post of its own.
Yes. These are hideously loud. But it was only 5 cents. And I did grab a second one for a future TMM mailer. I do like how the puck was also taken from the original photo for usage on this design. This is my 21st card of Nystrom in the 2/14 binders.
Back to back days with that Artifacts Mrazek card. Unfortunately, he only hits 2 of my PCs so I'll need something new next post. Mrazek moves to 15 cards with this trio.
And the king of the binder with 161 cards continues to pad the lead with these 5 new cards. Pretty much all those Kings cards qualify as "how did I not already have that card?". Except maybe that SPA card.
Sorry. That's 162 Gaboriks! Not a nickel box card, obviously, but a nice colourful design on this relic card.

There you have it!

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