Friday, 22 September 2017

3 Weeks Later (almost)

I posted the first part of a trade envelope from Night Owl Cards back on the 3rd of this month. Maybe I should get to wrapping it up?
The total number of Ginter purchases I've made this year total zero. Therefore, this is my first card from that set this year. I do like the framed motif, and I kinda regret now not getting to the LCS while this was on the shelves there. Or maybe I did, and I just opted for something else. Likely the latter.
And more minis!
And the rest of the Mets. Archives is the only product pictured here that I've seen on the local shelves here. My foray into that consisted of two packs, and while I didn't land any Mets, I did get a Peter Gammons auto instead. So, all these here are welcome additions to my Mets binder.
I've yet to check as to which, if any, of these Takashi Saitos are needed in my 2/14 collection. So, all I can say is my binders will contain either 22, 23, 24 or 25 cards of his when all is said and done. Edit: 2 needs in the bunch - only the 2008 UD base was a dupe.
Sticker! Expos! Powder blue uniform! Ellis Valentine! Flashing back to Archives, I'd love to see Ellis among the Fan Favourites autos in a future release of the product.
More Expos in their 1971 best! Boots Day would be another name that might be fun to see in Archives. If you can have Rusty Kuntz in this season for his name, surely you could add Boots in 2018.
Ending with some set builders. Combining this with an envelope I'll get to shortly will finally put the nail in the coffin of the 2016 base set.

Until I double check and find I accidentally included a foil parallel among the base and then need 1 card to finish the set.