Thursday, 31 August 2017

Just One Pack...of 2017 Donruss Football

The other rack pack I picked up alongside the MVP pack I posted earlier.
Cliff Avril - Here's the first card. I do like the slight splash of colour at the side, but there is a slight shading at the bottom of the photo, creating a very dark look to some of the cards.
Tom Brady
Dak Prescott
Clay Matthews
Thomas Rawls
Tedy Bruschi - The set mixes retired players in with the regular base, much like last year at a rate of one per team. Some different choices, which Tedy would certainly count as.
Mike Glennon - Your photoshop special, which I find amusing since Trubisky was the pack coverboy.
Damon Harrison - A rookie card of a non-rookie. This year, any player who is getting their first card got this RC designation. The Bills have rookie cards of Richie Incognito in some sets. This also shows the shading more clearly, as the bottom of the card looks like night on an obvious sunny day.
LeSean McCoy - A Bills card!
Jared Cook
Haloti Ngata
Zach Brown
Adam Vinatieri - A kicker card! WOO-HOO!
Rich Gannon - Another odd choice for the retired player on the Raiders.
Devin Funchess
Hunter Henry
Carson Palmer
Ryan Tannehill
Joe Haden
Mark Brunell - You really don't have too many choices for the retired player on teams like the Jags.
Jerry Rice - No complaints about this choice.
Tavon Austin
Ty Montgomery - Blue Press Proof
Jimmy Graham - Blue Press Proof
Harrison Smith - Blue Press Proof
Stacy Coley -  - Blue Press Proof - The promised 4 press proofs. With the Vikings beating the Pack here 2-1, I can't break out the MST3K Packers clip in good conscience. At least Coley is actually a rookie.
Odell Beckham Jr. 1981 Baseball Design - I like this design being ported over to football.
DeShone Kizer - The Rated Rookie that is part of the base set.
Jordan Willis - The standard, non Press Proof rookies.
Davis Webb

And there you go. I like the colour on the borders, but don't like the darkening of the photos. I went all in with Score, so this will probably be my last of this product. At least some more base content for future mailers came my way.


  1. I've been out of the loop recently but that's a pretty simple design this year, not bad. I think I preferred last year's nod to 1990 Donruss baseball. However, much like you, I dig the 1981 design being put over to football.

  2. Yeah, the darkening of the photos make the pictures all look like they were taken on a gloomy November day.

  3. I didn't know they were doing rookie designations on players first cards this year. Not sure I like that even though I do like that harrison