Wednesday, 16 August 2017

PWE Chronicle

Time to recap a nice little envelope that showed up from Kerry @ Cards on Cards last week, as I try to catch up on mailings.
6 cards. 3 teams represented. Only one of the Toronto teams showed up, and it was this DeRozan from Excalibur. Thankfully, this wasn't one of the cards I landed in my case break Raptors purchase. And yes, it is die-cut to resemble a...column? Sorta. I guess.
While I haven't become a Nuggets super-collector, I have become a Jamal Murray super-collector. Gotta get cards of the rare local guys who get cards in something other than hockey. Which consists of Murray, and former KC Royal pitcher Ryan Braun.
More Jamal! This pink parallel, the second of the Optics, is numbered to just /25. A nice low print run for a desired rookie card from the '16 class.
Rediscover Topps? There it is!
Golden Tom! And there some more Topps I can rediscover as well!
And purple Yo!

Thank for the 6 great cards! I hope my most recent return package made its way to you safely.

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