Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Stacks of Wax - July 2017 - Part 5 - Score Jumbo - Packs 1 and 2

I'm doing this several packs at a time to wrap up this grouping of stacks of wax. I'm also not going to recap every card I pull, because that would be 40*whatever per post, and I'm feeling pretty lazy at this point.
First card out of the box is a TE from Tampa Bay. The best thing about a large base set (330 vets, 110 rookies) is that people that usually don't get base cards get them. He was undrafted in 2014, signed w/ Tampa, spent time on the Saints practice squad, then returned to Tampa, finally seeing action with them in '15, and getting a rookie card in 2016 Contenders. 
Bills content in the two packs consisted of 2 of 3 guys no longer on the team. That's so Buffalo.
But I did land a 2/14 card as well.
Of note among the rest, I land my first Los Angeles Chargers card, an OL guy, and the best photo in bunch goes to this Matt Jones. I always love photos where the helmet can't restrain the hair from flying.
Of the rookies, there was variety here, as I got Mr. Irrelevant in Chad Kelly and a quintet of first rounders. 
Inserts! No dupes in this group, although I can't say I'd want to highlight the colour rush uniforms via a subset.
Interestingly, the only jumbo pack of this I busted prior to this via the LCS also contained both a /10 parallel and a /50 parallel. If I had to follow a US college team, it probably would be Virginia Tech as it is Bruce Smith's alma mater. It is at least more interesting than my actual Canadian university alma mater, who regularly loses by scores that should be accompanied my "This is not a misprint." in box scores.
And an auto from the first two packs! Jamal Adams went 6th overall to the Jets, so that does make this the highest picked rookie in this pack. Not bad, even though defensive players get little hobby love.

And there you go. More packs next time. Maybe 2. Maybe 4. Maybe all 8 left. 

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