Friday, 4 August 2017

Stacks of Wax - July 2017 - Part 7 - Score Jumbo - Packs 7 and 8

The home stretch!
Photographic excellence leads the way in this group of cards. This one, with the wall in the background, the goal line, the end zone and the uniform creates a perfect melding of blue and white as Hilton goes in for a TD.
Honourable mention to this JJ Watt and his intense eyes as he closes on poor Jay Cutler.
The extent of Bills content over two packs. At least it was their first rounder.
Speaking of first-rounders, here's their appearances over the 2 packs.
And your inserts. Two Trubiskys and a Newton make these a very North Carolinian pair of packs.

No parallels for regular cards.
But the best hit of the box was a parallel of an auto. This one will be bound for Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams in my next mailer, and I can't think of a better aesthetic card for a Wolverines collector. A nice looking auto, and I especially like the loop back at the end. It might only be a first initial, but you can make out the letters in the last name. Also, the colour is just perfect, and the shade doesn't seem too far off from the actual jersey colour. It actually works nicely with the actual colours on the card.

Since if you can't pull a great card for yourself, you might as well pull it for someone else.

Last two packs in the next post!

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  1. Holy hell is that Peppers nice! Thanks for being so generous and sending it my way--I'll find something really good to return the favor 😁