Saturday, 19 August 2017

Flea Market 2-14s

Back to the flea market this past week, and that's going to lead to a few days of showing off the goodies. Up first, 2-14 binder stuff.
Any time I can grab anything non-hockey for my PCs at the flea market, I'll jump on it. Here's a new card for the former #1 draft pick, as his cards now total 32 in the binder. That's 6th place, 5 behind David Garrard.
Hockey the rest of the way home, and I'll start off with a gold reserve of Milan Hejduk from 1999. That's 141 cards for him,
The best think about Boris Valabik is that if I don't need his card in the 2/14 binder, it can also land in my Kitchener Rangers alumni binder. Fortunately, this could go in either, thus he finally hits double digits there with his 10th card.
But, Gaborik remains the king of the binder in terms of volume, with 3 cards putting him at 156. First up, a slightly goofy card of the Slovakian Sensation!. If Pacific used an exclamation point, so will I.
1 year later, and a die-cut entry from Pacific. I really wish UD would rip this design off.
And the big hit, so to speak, for the binder is this /50 parallel from 13-14 Totally Certified. It is a lot shinier in hand than in scan, making it feel like a rewarding acquisition.

And there you go!

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