Friday, 11 August 2017

World Cup of Trading - Part 2

And the rest! A miscellaneous bunch of hockey, where I'll hit the highlights.
The best of this portion wasn't even a card. It was this iron-on patch. I had no idea what the heck this was until I googled my way to learning that this is from the early 70s, and accompanied Bobby Orr skates. I love it.
Next up, a card bound for someone else. Werenski is a Wolverines alum, and that means this YG will be bound for Too Many Manninghams.
A Kitchener Rangers alum!
And Drew Shore. He followed me around through a lot of breaks in 13-14. Why shouldn't he also follow me around here?
I can't really get enough cards with Gretzky on the Blues.
Shiny Dino!
I really don't have enough content in my mask binder from the distaff side.
And some shiny content for the mask binder as well, featuring Brian Hayward and his famous Sharks mask.
Random 70s!
And more random 70s with a hint of 80s!

And that's that. I've already dropped a second WCoT bonus package in the direction of Wes this past week. I've got 3 more packages to get to, so I'll probably be doing a repack next. Because I gotta be me.

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  1. I can get enough of the Great One with the Blues, mainly because holy shit those were crappy sweaters.