Monday, 7 August 2017

The Two Torontos - Part 2

And the rest of the Toronto stuff from the group break, this time some Raptors from a case break of Excalibur.
Here's your base cards. Nothing too spectacular or awful about them. Just more Raptors for my binder. This also the first appearance of Serge Ibaka as a Raptor in my collection. More of him to come.
The parallels aren't entirely colour-based this time around, instead they go through various levels of royalty. All I got were the unnumbered Count parallels, but they go all the way to 1/1 Emperor versions.
I'm not sure if comparing a player to a part of a castle is a good thing. Good for defense, but not so much so for mobility.
My last time in this product I didn't get any of the Crusade inserts. Here, I get the team set. More Ibaka too!
And a parallel version as well. The red looks really mice with the white Raptors uniform. Reds are /99.
Some hits. I'm grouping these together since all of them came from the exact same box during the break. 3 hits per box, and this time, all of them went to my Raptors collection. Although that's an Orlando uniform, that's still my first Ibaka hit.
But I also got this other Pascal Siakam auto from one of the other boxes. These are my 3rd and 4th autos of his, all from group breaks. But that will change with a 5th card later this week.

And there you have it. Probably no more Raptors breaks for me until the 17-18 product drops. But you never know.

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