Monday, 14 August 2017

A Whole Buncha Raptors

I dropped a whole pile of random hockey guys on Billy over @ Cardboard History, and I got a bunch of Raptors in return. There were also some Vancouver Grizzlies, some drawn cards, and some mask binder goodies, but those will be combined in a future post.
My favourite card of the bunch seems like an appropriate way to start this post. Mascot cards are always great.

And now, a whole bunch of Raptor cards. Pictures only, as I'm not having the most verbose of days.
And that's a lot of Raptors! From Loren Woods to DeMar DeRozan, they're all welcome. Thanks for all these, Billy, and I hope you enjoyed the goodies I sent your way as well. I'll get to the rest of them in a future post.


  1. I sure did! Still have to write a post about them though. Glad you liked what I sent. That is literally every Raptors duplicate I'd gotten since 2014. And some others to fill out the package a little. There will be more coming eventually but probably won't get to them for a couple years. Not easy to get at them where they are now.

  2. Mascot cards are great. I totally agree.