Friday, 18 August 2017

4 if by Sportlots

Another grouping of 4 cards from a sportlots seller where shipping costs exploded at the 5 card plateau.
Let's start with my 42nd card of Gheorghe Muresan. You've got a flashback to the first Hoops design, and you've combined it with a rare appearance of Muresan on the Nets.
The back also flashes back to the original design, with Muresan looking like a serial killer.
The other 2/14 card from this envelope. At least Roy looks saner.
The other 2 cards are on their way to my Alfie collection. 2003 MVP was one of the rare MVP designs I like, with the background shaded into one of the team colours.
And an insert from Crown Royale to make his 1000th point ends this mix of 4. It is also /499, so it can safely go in the front of his binder.

There you have it. More 2/14 stuff with the next post.

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