Sunday, 27 August 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 24 - The Sunday Standard

And back to the Dollarama for the second post of the weekend. Interestingly, I saw $4 hanger repacks with 100 Magic cards in them yesterday. Can hockey versions be far behind?

Doing the two-step again, with a $1 hanger and a $2 Surprise Bag, and starting with the cheapest.
2014 Ultra - Mikko Koivu - I grabbed this for the card on the back, not the front
1990 Bowman - Joe Mullen
1996 Score - Owen Nolan - A nice mid 90's celebratory photo.
1991 Score - Garry Valk
1993 Parkhurst - Jeremy Roenick - A contender, along with the Nolan for most interesting photo in the pack.
2003 UD - Derian Hatcher - This is the fun of random cards from repacks. I'd completely and totally blanked on his tenure in Detroit. All 15 games of it. He'd go on to 3 seasons with Philly, but would have far more Wings cards than Flyers cards.
2002 Portraits - Pavel Bure - Another rather random set for these.
1990 Topps - Bob Carpenter
1990 Score - Mike Krushelnyski
1990 UD - Paul Fenton
1989 OPC - Ray Ferraro
1993 UD Sergei Klimovich
1993 Stad. Club - Mike Keane - A nice little photo of an in-game battle.
1991 7IS - Gord Harris
2010 ITG H&P - Jordan Schroeder - Why'd I get this? The great Manitoba Moose jersey!

A good number of keeper cards here. And now, the Surprise bag!

And its contents!
2 packs. 2 repacks. A perfect mix.
Believe it or nuts, the Pro Set pack contained a card I needed for the PC! Somehow, I didn't have that Calle Johansson in my 2.14 collection, and maybe not that Hough for my Rangers alum collection. A worthwhile junk wax break.
The 90's pack was less providing. I even had the Messier checklist.
The HOF pack. I'm guessing I already have that Robinson in my alum binder. Some more H&P, this time with a nice Oil Kings logo.

And the OPC. I'll take a nice shiny card, and yet another Cammalleri bound for a new home in a Thrashers-intensice pack.

There you have it!

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