Monday, 31 July 2017

Stacks of Wax - July 2017 - Part 4 - Absolute

I wanted to break out Iron Eyes Cody for this, since there was a lot of packaging in this. One main box, with four mini boxes each contained one pack worth of cards. Each one was 3 regular base, 1 numbered base card (retired or rookie) and a hit. The one benefit is that it allows me to post the cards based on the player pictured on their respective mini-boxes/packs.
#1 - Marquese Chris
The three base cards. Players on new teams (or teams with new uniforms) get posed photos - otherwise, they get game shots. Both have the background wiped for the team's logo, which if they're going to do, is my favourite choice of background.
The /999 card isn't that bad. McCaw's stuff got a nice bump during the playoffs. A GSW hot pack.
And the hit. A Raptors card! WOO-HOO! Although I've been a Siakam magnet this year, getting plenty of his stuff during group breaks, but have yet to land a Poeltl hit of any kind. The basketball looks filthy for something that was just used during a photo shoot.
#2 - Kris Dunn
Not quite the star power of the opening portion, but at least I know somewhere I can send the Cousins off to.
Another WOO-HOO on the /999 card. I actually picked up the 15-16 version of this. Shareef seems to make at least one appearance per year as a Vancouver Grizzly in some set. Here's this year's.
There's one auto per box - and this is it. Not too bad here as well. Ulis had a couple moments this past season, including a buzzer-beating game-winning three. That's above expectations for a second rounder.
#3 - Buddy Hield
Your base cards. In a reverse of yesterday's High Tek, these scan worse than in-hand.
My /999 is Bill Walton from his totally-baked era. Love the classic logo on the card as well.
And my hit. Why it is everyone's favourite flat earther!
#4 - Brandon Ingram
The base. Another Kings card for a future C:S. They're the only team I picked up dupes of with unnumbered cards.
A Celtics card, sorta. He was a second round pick of Boston, he never played a regular season game for the team. He played a few games with the Mavericks, and is in the D-League now.
And a simple relic ends it.

Nothing too blow-away great in this, but a good consistent box. Next up, I'll start the Score Box.

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