Sunday, 2 July 2017

New Expos!

Not feeling too chatty post-Canada Day, but I'll keep the theme going with some small-in-number additions to the Expos collection.
I'll start with a card that falls under the always fun category of "I had no idea this existed until it came up during COMC challenges". Although he is a Marlins announcer now, and was when this was released in 2012, the back of the card is pretty much all Expos. Please savour his most famous call before the cards part of this post resumes.
El Presidente! El Perfecto! But if you want another version of it, enjoy his fellow Cooperstowner calling the final inning.
Sounds great from both sides.
Not a lot of variety among the rest, but 5 new Vlads are welcome. The Platinum and Heritage are from COMC, and the rest are from the recent TMM mailer.

Still, a really unique auto makes for a great post.

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