Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Trade Wrap-Up

Time for the second part of the OrlandoBolts post.
This was easily the highlight of the package, despite all the Tough Times autos I posted last time. My first Lanny-graph! This on-card beauty goes all the way back to 1999-2000 UD Retro. And it is a Flames card as opposed to a Leafs card - always a plus for one of the most famous mustaches in hockey.
Champ's are always welcome additions, especially for the mask binder.
And some more Champ's, these ones hitting 3 of my PCs with my Rangers alumni, 2-14 and Sens collection all getting 1 new card each. That's my 153rd Gaborik.
That's a lot of happy Rajai Davises in this group of Blue Jays. The Travis is a photo variation, thus making it the perfect 8th card in this bunch.
Since it always easier to scan rectangles, 8 verticals goes perfectly 3 horizontals, and some shiny R.A.s.

Thanks for all these goodies! I'll continue to scour the shows for Guelph Storm alumni!

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  1. Oh. My. Word.
    Lanny McDonald's mustaches is fantastic!