Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Bills! Bills! Bills!

While I didn't get a hit from my two latest group break Bills team purchases (Prestige & Classics), I'll still off the latest cards to fatten the Bills binder.
Here's the base cards. With rookies SPd at 1 per pack, it is disappointing, yet still not an incredible surprise that I didn't land at least one. Any chance to add a new Bruce Smith card to the collection is a good one.
I think I can answer the trivia question on the back of Andre Reed's card without going to card #203.
2 unnumbered parallels and inserts. The Kelly seems more like a Bills binder card than a 2/14 card, so there it is.
And a numbered, red-back parallel where I was too lazy to scan the red back.
Prestige did land me the three rookies that should probably be in most of the sets this year, as well as a base card of the already-departed Gillislee. I had no beef with his stay in Buffalo, but he wasn't getting paid what the Pats were offering.
And the final card is a (checks COMC) gold parallel out of 50. That's it.

Nothing too big, but any Bills content is good Bills content.

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  1. Really like the Classics design. The back looks like it could have been a Topps design from the 60s