Thursday, 27 July 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 20 - The Waiting is the Hardest Part

I'm still waiting for  my order which includes the Jumbo box of 2017 Score. So, here's a Surprise Bag in the meantime.

Your contents:
And the clockwise contents, starting from the Victory.
I built the base set, so all I can hope for here for me is a needed insert - and that Luongo is one the inserts I didn't yet have. As for the rest, there's some trade throw-ins on the left for Dennis @ TMM, and a Roy that would fit nicely into my Rangers alum binder if it wasn't a dupe.
The 2000s might be the best of the bunch in terms of content, with 2 of the 3 cards featuring Hall of Famers. Poor Lukas Krajicek.
I have yet to reach a level of maturity where I don't find Grant Clitsome's name amusing.
And the 1000 pt pack. Holy crap. Dale Hunter was a 1000 point guy? I guess playing in the defense-optional 1980s can due that for even a guy who spent more than 3500 minutes in the sin bin. That's a nice looking card with him modeling the then-new Caps jersey for my Rangers alum collection, but the mask binder certainty is the big winner. Not the Biron - the Sullivan. There aren't too many cards with Brian Hayward's famous Sharks mask on them, and that in the background is enough to make it the favourite.

Pretty good repack. Now, back to wait by the door for the magical brown truck.

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