Thursday, 6 July 2017

Thursday Jays

Time to knock off the Jays portion of my "to be posted" container.
I was proud of my ability to avoid the Topps Now thing last season. Then I saw Chris Coghlan's Superman leap and just knew I would be unable to resist it if it managed to show up as a card. It did, so I picked it up. There's free shipping on it within the States, so I shipped it off to my COMC mailbox.

At least 846 others shared my weakness.
And here's the back, in all its shinier-than-the-front glory.
And the rest. The Delgados were from the recent TMM mailer, and the rest were from the my COMC shipment, when I tried to add some new names to my 'Every Jay Ever' collection. Yup, Gosling is listed as a Jay, despite never playing a game for them.

And there you are.


  1. The Coghlan was definitely worth it - I'm just jealous that he did it as a Blue Jay and not as a Cub!

  2. I very nearly bought the Topps Now Coghlan as well.