Saturday, 1 July 2017

Canada Day Raptors

I didn't have any really patriotic cards in my to-be-posted file, so a team posting with Raptors from several sources.
I'm starting with a big addition to my quest for a card of every Raptor ever. Despite picking up the 6th man award during his tenure, he didn't get base cards in any sets until the later releases, and those were all high-end sets. So, much like with JJ Wilcox and my 2/14 collection, National Treasures was the source for my first Williams Raptors card.

And to follow that up, some Raptors that never got a Raptors card.
And their tenure:

John Long - 32 Games
Robert Archibald - 30 games
Alexis Ajinca - 24 Games
Hassan Adams - 12 games
Negele Knight - 6 Games
Brad Lohaus - 6 Games
Tim Kempton - 5 Games
Walter Tavares - 0 games, but played most of the season with their D-League team, before signing w/ Cleveland
Random Vince Carter! The Legacy card is from Dennis @ TMV/M. Everything else so far is from COMC.
Here's the team set from a group break of Panini's Studio release. Both the game and posed shots make up the base set.
A couple shiny inserts.
And a die-cut to wrap things up. This is probably the closest thing to a hit in this post, as these fell at a rate of 2 per case. Maybe by the time this post goes live, Lowry will no longer be a Raptor, or he'll have re-upped. Either way, there's another post to start a new month.

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  1. I don't remember John Long playing into the 90s, and the Raptors are one of the teams I gravitated towards when I discovered the sport in February 96.