Sunday, 23 July 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 19 - Smail Packages

Another trip to the Dollarama, with the $1 hanger and $2 Surprise Bag. Starting with the hanger pack.
2010 UD - Alex Kovalev - I'm sure I've got this card already, but I don't mind having a dupe of this great photo.
1990 Bowman - Bernie Nichols
1993 Premier - Viacheslav Butsayev
1990 Score - Doug Smail - Time to start the theme of this repack-fest.
1993 Ultra - Dave Manson
1992 Parkhurst - Jim Hiller - I did not think of him as a Calder Candidate.
2001 Vintage - Him, however...
2004 Top Prospects Game - Cam Barker
1990 Topps - Mark Messier
1990 Score Bonus - Eric Lindros - I think these were exclusive to factory sets. Not expected repack fodder, even for junk wax era stuff.
2007 ITG Going for the Gold - Meghan Acosta - Another somewhat surprising repack card. And one comes in the surprise bag as well.
1990 Pro Set - Mike Peluso
1991 UD French - Glenn Anderson
1990 Topps - Doug Smail - #2
1991 7IS - Dan Ryder - The blue/grey uniforms might be favourite OHL ones.
2011 Heroes & Prospects - Brendan Gaunce - And it ends on another OHL card.

Perfectly fine $1.

The Surprise Bag had a 2010s pack, a 6-card misc pack, a 1000-pt pack, and a 2007-08 OPC pack.
Here's the misc. pack with the second appearance of the Canadian Women's team in this pair of repacks. A nice mix of NHL and non-NHL cards, highlighted my an appearance of the short-lived Montreal Juniors QMJHL franchise. They're now the Blainville-Broisbriand Armada.
Memorial cards are always interesting additions, but still depressing ones. Still, that's my favourite card of the day.
Damphousse is the 1000-pt guy in this pack, and the Smail packages reference completes with the third appearance of his, all from 1990 sets.
And nothing too memorable in the OPC pack, with just regular base cards. Just a little too much border with this design, but the 2011 release would make this look restrained.

And there you go.

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