Thursday, 13 July 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 18 - Surprise!

A mid-week surprise bag from the Dollarama? Why not? Here are the contents:
Your contents. The McDavid chase is on with a blaster pack!
So much for that chase. Even the usually-interesting Canvas card was a pretty dull photo.
If I have to highlight something from the Pro Set pack, it might as well be the back of this Malarchuk card for highlighting the throat slashing as well as his lack of playoff performance.
The Hall of Fame pack was a big winner here. It is always nice when the promised HOF card isn't the usual 1990 Bowman or Pro Set base card. This beauty is from 2004 ITG - The Franchises and gives a real nice 1976 vibe on a more recent card. You also have Dustin Tokarski rocking his 'Tick' themed mask. Two mask binder cards in one little pack. Really nice.
But, I can't escape Bowman in the Franchise pack. But the other cards (mask binder/Espo/Heritage Classic uni) offset that.

$2 worth of enjoyment here? Certainly!

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