Thursday, 7 September 2017

2017-18 OPC Hobby Box Break - Part 1 of 4

Commence set build!
But I should show off the bottom of the box as well. Since cards on the box bottom are always a nice thing, even if OPC is the only product that does it.

And my first card 17-18 OPC card is:
Something a little different this year. There's still a border, but some of it is faded for a little bit of full-bleed.
The rest of the first pack. I'll just hit the highlights the rest of the way home. The Williams is one of the retro parallels, falling 1 per pack in the hobby releases. The Flames checklist is part of the SP portion of checklists, rookies and highlights. The SPs are there, but unlike with something like Heritage this past season, fall at a rate of 1 every other pack to make it less intimidating.

As with MVP, no Golden Knights content in this.
Pack 2 shows off the first of the rainbow parallels. These are 1:4, but I really wouldn't mind if these went away. There doesn't seem to be a need for them with there being a separate Platinum release. Since there won't be third jerseys this season, I'll take what I can get from the early releases.
Pack 3 shows what the rookie base design looks like.
Pack 4 shows off another insert set - minis! These are actually the black foil parallels, which are 1 in 21 packs. There's nothing on these to indicate that these are rookies.
Pack 5: Another alternate jersey, a checklist, and another returning insert set with the playing cards. These are 1:8, with the Aces being 1:200.
Pack 6 with another foil card. The retro this time around is one of Season Highlights from the SPd portion.
A regular mini. Another SPd rookie and my first Sens card of the box finally shows up in the 7th one.
And a foil card ends this, but this is one of the black parallels /100. The odds for these aren't given, but in the past these have been two per box.

8 packs down. 24 to go!


  1. Those retro cards look nice. OPC has been doing well with the Retro cards lately.

  2. I gotta say I kind of like what they did with the design this year. First I've seen of it, looking forward to the rest of the box!

  3. Man, I really like those retro cards... Kind of a shame that I don't really have a favorite hockey team or player these days, but I'm sure I can find some excuse to pick up a couple of those.

  4. I really want to open some boxes of OPC, but after getting hosed on ePack, I've vowed not to give Upper Deck any more of my money. This is by far the best design in years.

  5. Year in and year out... OPC designs are solid. Plus they're perfect for IP autographs.